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Dismembered Quietly: Exquisite Tenderness

  1. Decennale
  2. Mei Ming
  3. Ordinary Life
  4. Growing Hate
  5. Close Call
  6. Journey's End
  7. Logical Insult
  8. Belief
  9. McCarthy
  10. Modus Operenda
  11. Alteration
  12. Bevildred One

This release exhibits a solid mixture of solid electro-industrial tracks with some pop elements to them and more mellow musical pieces that are more in the ambient and soundscape-type vein but with a definitive beat to them from the techno rhythms of 'Close Call' to the jazzy and organic percussion of 'Modus Operenda'. The lyrics, sung in English, are sometimes overly simple for many songs, which could be due to the fact they are probably from Norway ,which I'm assuming because the CD inlet lists this release as being produced in Oslo. That's not to say there aren't other bands with lyrics as simple as this, but the vocals come out fairly high in the mix in most songs and although they are somewhat distorted, you can clearly understand the words. The instrumental 'Ordinary Life' does a good job of making the song sound simple, while still giving the impression that there is a lot going on in the song. The track brings in such sounds as acoustic guitar, spacy keyboards and moody Skinny Puppy stylings, although with more emphasis on the beat, although never overwhelming. 'Journey's End' is a very good song which effectively mixes in some ambient styles with some synthesized tribal beats as well as having some undistorted, moody, lush vocals that are mixed lower in the mix than in most of the other songs which reminds me a lot of some Dead Can Dance material. (Kevin Congdon)

Dismembered Quietly are:
Thomas Sorlie
John V. Stene

Furnace Records/Silent
340 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 957-0779


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