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Various Artists: Dion Fortune 5

  1. Fading Colours - In The Garden of Mine 8:23
  2. Birmingham 6 - You Cannot Walk Here (Persecuted Remix) 4:32
  3. Funker Vogt - A New Beginning (In Between Remix) 4:37
  4. The Garden of Delight - Sumerland 4:18
  5. Suspiria - (Now, We See) The Swine 5:16
  6. Float - The Best of You - 3:46
  7. Griffin's Fall - Back From Syracus (Midmix) 4:17
  8. Deathline Intl. - Pain To Me (Electro Mix) 3:14
  9. Alien Sex Fiend - Warp Out (Version) 5:18
  10. Attrition - Cosmetic Citizen 4:37
  11. Violet Black Orchid - Unforgivable Lie 5:57
  12. Neuzeit Syndrom - Marionetten (Moog Mix) 4:04
  13. Stromkern - Metatron 4:04
  14. The House of Usher - The Seventh (Claw of Kali) 4:47
  15. Argan - Tidbit 4:42

Dion Fortune is a record label that seems very inconsistent when it comes to releasing samples and this, their fifth compilation is no exception. Musically, it is the most musically diverse and non-linear of any compilation I've ever experienced. Yet, instead of being sequenced in a order that makes sense according to the flow of the music, it is arranged in the most thematically jarring manner as possible. This means that you can be listening along to a very upbeat dance tune when you suddenly stumble into the most morose Gothic track you have ever heard within the span of seconds. Overlooking this catastrophic production mishap, the highlights of this release are the unreleased and unknown artists. Fading Colors gives us 'In the Garden of Mine', which is one of the most beautiful darkwave pieces I've ever heard. The vocalist sounds remarkably similar to Bjork, but with the ability to actually sing. Violet Black Orchid provides an uptempo piece with 'Unforgivable Lie' that proceeds along at a breakneck pace bordering almost on Gabba. Finally Ned Kirby's Stromkern gives us a taste of his debut release on Kodex Records with 'Metatron'. Overall the musical selection of this sampler is above average, but it's the poor order of the track arrangement that makes this compilation so painful to endure.

Dion Fortune Records
Hospeltstr 66
50825 Koln


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