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din_fiv: Infinity

  1. Time of Death 5:54
  2. Piss Christ (V2.0) 4:04
  3. Control Group 6:21
  4. Ball & Chain 5:25
  5. Not Our Love 4:23
  6. Let It Go 6:39
  7. Terminal Condition 4:30
  8. Insanity is Contagious 6:22
  9. Wasted On You 4:18
  10. Atonement 5:20

"Infinity" marks Da5id Din's return to the electro scene, this time with his own solo project. You might remember his other project with Matthew Crofoot titled Informatik a few years back as well as his numerous appearances of RMI compilations. The passage of a few years has done little to change Da5id's musical style beyond that normally constituted by maturity. He still uses the same vocal modifications and mid tempo percussion arrangement he used three ago without much, if any change. The end result is an album that remains very consistent and flat without much deviation outside the standard electro model. In most cases, this doesn't inherently a negative issue, but in this case it is extremely difficult to locate a track that stands out from the rest on this album. Track after track use the same essential structure and sound library without developing anything new or innovative. I would even be hard pressed to call it a solo album because so much of it sounds like material of the debut Informatik EP. In order for din_fiv to have any glimmer of a future, it desperately needs to break out of the stagnant mold that Da5id has created for it. Da5vid will then have work outside the boundaries created by his peers otherwise din_fiv will suffer a quick and violent demise.

din_fiv is: Da5id Din

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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