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Various Artists: Digital Wings 1

  1. Xorcist - Bad Mojo II
  2. Scar Tissue - Powerclone
  3. Xenon - Ygrene Citenik
  4. Seofon - 5-Space
  5. Retina - Exorcised
  6. Insight 23 - Disease
  7. Out of Band Experience - Sample This
  8. Gridlock - Sickness
  9. Institute of Technology - Smartbeets
  10. The Bleeding Stone - Shattered Belief
  11. Never - Incinerating Lucidity
  12. Intercepted Alien Transmission - (Off Shortwave Radio)
  13. Xenon - Icon Jazz

While "Digital Wings" was originally intended to be released back in 1996, to partially fund the Cyberden BBS, it took over two years and temporary downtime for the legendary Bay Area on-line musical forum before it finally became available. In this massive amount of time, bands like Scar Tissue and Gridlock obtain record deals and volumes of positive press, Xorcist went on to release a new single and full length album, and Insight 23 successfully toured the country, only to disappear into obscurity with their record label imploded from debt. Nevertheless, Digital Wings was well worth the wait. Most of the bands, by default, happened to originate in the Bay Area and converge on the ambient and experimental genres with reckless abandon. Bands like Bleeding Stone, Scar Tissue and Gridlock all work with minimalism and abstract percussion to create oddly invigorating beat structures underneath their noisy exterior. Xenon, Never, and Seofon prefer to work with complex ambient arrangements that flow around silence, while Insight 23, Retina, and Institute of Technology utilize a more standard array of Coldwave, Electro, and Trip-Hop to assault the senses of their fans. "Digital Wings" certainly is diverse in its assortment of artists, maintaining the quality we have come to expect from The Cyberden, which is no less than impressive considering that it was released on a non-existent budget.

The Cyberden
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