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Various Artists: The Digital Space Between II

  1. Regenerator - Everyone Follow - Orgazmix
  2. Good Courage - I'm Not There - Remix
  3. Apoptygma Berzerk - Electronic Warfare - Full Speed Ahead Mix
  4. Penal Colony - Among The Living - FLA Mix
  5. 16Volt - Filthy Love Of Fire - Filth Mix
  6. X Marks The Pedwalk - Worthless - Bloodthirsty Mix
  7. Electro Assassin - Heavy Unit - Solid State Edition
  8. Lights Of Euphoria - Subjection - Violent Mix
  9. Haujobb - Eye Over You - Rhythm Focus Mix
  10. Spartak - Fin De Siecle - Remix
  11. Birmingham 6 - Birmingham 6 - Retaliation Mix
  12. Steril - Overgod
  13. Spahn Ranch - Forceps - Fezmix
  14. Pygmy Children - R6 - Suicide Mix
  15. Die Form - Unlimited - No Limit Remix
  16. Panic On The Titanic - Follow Me - Andrea Doria Mix

The second volume of the Digital Space In Between compilation series from Hard Records in Denmark. This album compiles supposed exclusive remixes and rarities that do not appear anywhere else. Needless to say like every other compilation at least several of the tracks appear elsewhere and are by no means exclusive. However what The Digital Space Between does do well is put together a wide variety of artists collectively labeled as the new breed of industrial artists. These are the bands who are creating all the groundbreaking and original styles. If you already haven't heard of these bands expect to hear a great deal more of them in the future as the take modern electro-industrial music to new levels.

Hard Records Europe
C.F. Richvej 122 2.TH.
2000 Frederiksberg

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda, Ste D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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