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Digital Poodle: Combat!

  1. Combat
  2. Red Star
  3. Funkass
  4. Metal Fight!
  5. Combat (Two Fisted Mix)
  6. Butch (Kinder Atom Mix)
  7. Slow Crack

Although still relying heavily on their techno roots, Digital Poodle actually is able to pull off a their first solid electro album in years. The music still remains upbeat and club friendly but without all of the dated percussion and samples they have chosen to use previously. This also continue to utilize minimalism as their key composition technique. Now while, generally speaking I fail to understand the 'less depth is better', concept, it actually works rather well on this album. I actually looked forward to listening to this album again after the first listen rather than wondering why it sounded as if it was recored in the eighties. The key reason for the strength of the album has to be the inclusion of a new sound library, because no other reason could properly explain the vast difference in quality between this and all other previous albums. In conclusion, this album will most certainly appeal to a new audience as well as avoiding alienating their old fans with a drastic change of style.

Digital Poodle are:
Reduct - treatments, electronics
Kristian Helstrom - drums
Mount 392 - voice, machinery
Andreas Gregor - percussion

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA, 90045


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