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Digital Poodle: Work Terminal

  1. Work Terminal
  2. Free Men (extended)
  3. Soul Crush (bass mix)
  4. Work Terminal (german tekno mix)
  5. Attempt (remix 02)
  6. Solid State
  7. Beat The Fool
  8. Effectiveness
  9. Soul Crush (zoviet france virtual mix)

The following review was written with insufficient information and is being currently rewritten in order to correct it's several major fallacies included within. Could Digital Poodle be an extreme satirical response to Skinny Puppy, but perhaps I'm being a bit critical as it is just a band name. Regardless of the truth 'Work Terminal' reminds me a great deal of 'The Process' and I think somewhere there are a few people sitting in an enclosed padded room laughing their ass off silently at the rest of us. The album is probably an EP since it is labeled for nine songs, only contains eight, and of those there are only six original tracks. As for the actual music it is a bit on the bland side. Most of the tracks would probably sound better if they included a bit more depth to the track or perhaps mixed all the tracks together into one huge rhythm section. 'Work Terminal' leaves me a little disappointed after the last Digital Poodle release 'Noisea' which was a collection of singles and unreleased tracks from earlier in the bands career. I would normally expect a little growth between releases but in this case all I can hear is regression towards mindlessly repetitive techno.

Digital Poodle is:
Mouth 392 - Voice + Machinery
Pupka - Elektroniks
Reduct - Treatments

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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