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Digital Poodle: Noisea

  1. Totalitarian [morse code mix]
  2. Head of Lenin [new republik mix]
  3. Left/Right [incarnate mix]
  4. Earthquakes!
  5. Doktor Dog
  6. Raw [live]
  7. R.Sauce
  8. Furnace
  9. Noisea [part 5]
  10. Slavery
  11. Weapon
  12. T.S.O.D.P.
  13. Crack [space attack]

This CD compiles eight years of Digital Poodle into one handy package. Most of the music consists of remastered and rereleased versions of old singles and cassette only releases with a few remixes and new tracks thrown in to show the growth of the band. Having donated the only Digital Poodle album I had ever heard of previously to great used CD bin in the sky, I was less than optimistic about this release. However I wasn't disappointed this time. The CD is an excellent collection of all of Digital Poodles work and should not be missed by anyone who enjoyed any of this band's prior releases. The sounds is entirely electronic and what few vocals there are shiver down your spine from the vocal distortion. The music reminds me a lot of Cyberaktif and early FLA in both style and quality and would be enjoyed by fans of either band.

Digital Poodle are:
Mouth 392 - Voice & Machinery
Pupka - Elektroniks
Reduct - Treatments

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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