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Various Artists: Digital:6::Focus:A

  1. Front Runner - Darkness Trip (Visceral Mix) 6:09
  2. Front Runner - Freedom (Burial Strategy Mix) 4:50
  3. Front Runner - BTYS v1.0 4:25
  4. diverje - Put The Flesh In (Biopsy Rotor Overdrive Mix) 4:12
  5. diverje - Tragic Lost 3:30
  6. diverje - To Hell (Razed in Black / Thrush Mix) 4:32
  7. CloneDT - QWERTY 6:52
  8. CloneDT - Store & Forward 4:51
  9. CloneDT - AAL 4:44
  10. [inquest proxy] - Threat 2:04
  11. [inquest proxy] - Talons World 5:16
  12. [inquest proxy] - Condemned Nation 2:51
  13. Dead Jump - Faces (Original Mix) 4:46
  14. Dead Jump - Infected (Death Rate Mix) 4:35
  15. in-FUSED - Penetrate 3:36
  16. in-FUSED - As You Climb 5:23

Much like OffBeat Records "O-Files" and Pendragon Records "Quadrophonia", DSBP's "Digital:6::Focus:A" is a compilation of only a few artists, each contributing several tracks. Unlike its contemporaries who limit their releases to four artists, this collection contains six artists, with half from Brazil and half from New Mexico. The best two acts on this singles collection are Front Runner, who have really cleaned up their recording process, and diverje who have the help of Razed in Black and Biopsy remixes. Both bands exhibit strong Electro potential. Dead Jump and in-FUSED are mediocre at best and need some work before releasing any more music. Clone DT and [inquest proxy] have written some of the worst music I've heard in recent memory. Both bands sound at least a decade old at best and desperately need to invest in new equipment and work on new patches for their keyboards. Overall, this six band collection comes off as expected with excellent, average, and poor acts all rolled together allowing everyone to some much needed exposure.

237 Cagua NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108


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