Album Cover

Die Symphony: Foundations of Malice

  1. Amen
  2. Lie For You
  3. Slave King
  4. Come Down
  5. This Jaded Heart
  6. Godfelt
  7. Chamber Dance
  8. Bigod

Die Symphony are an act whose music struggles to be defined because it is such a unique combination of Synthcore, Industrial and Gothic genres to really be a member of any of them. As a result Die Symphony has an amazingly fresh feel for a band that until I received this album for review, I have never heard of before. The eight song EP certainly has something for everyone including the ambient samples on 'Amen', the guitar melodies of 'Lie For You' and 'Chamber Dance' and the electronic percussion of 'Come Down'. Die Symphony have also done an excellent job with both the production and packaging of what appears to be their debut release, making "Foundations of Malice" ever more impressive. This St Louis based quartet is definitely a band to watch out for in the future if they can only snag themselves a respectabled record deal.

Die Symphony are:
Christian DeVein - vocals, programming
Kelly DeVein - guitars, programming
Vic Valentine - guitars
JMe - drums

Die Symphony
P.O. Box 29256
St. Louis, MO 63126


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