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Die Krupps: Odyssey Of The Mind

  1. The Last Flood 5:33
  2. Isolation 4:11
  3. Odyssey Of The Mind 5:04
  4. Eggshell 4:50
  5. Scent 4:19
  6. The Final Option 4:11
  7. LCD 4:17
  8. Jeckyll Or Hyde 3:48
  9. Metalmorphosis 4:37
  10. Alive 7:01
  11. Odyssey Of The Mind (remix) 5:08
  12. The Final Option (remix) 5:01
  13. LCD (remix) 4:16

A number of things have happened since my less than praiseful critique of the last Die Krupps album released on Cleopatra Records. The most important of which is that I've seen Die Krupps live as well as met and interviewed Jurgen Engler. The net result of these experiences were that I was anxiously awaiting the domestic U.S. release of Odyssey of the Mind. I had even already fallen in love with 'Eggshell' as Die Krupps was playing it during sound check. There is always something to be said for hearing a live performance of a band in order to fully appreciate their studio albums. The true metal-industrial hybrid genius of Die Krupps is exploited on all avenues on this new album. However, Die Krupps seems to have moved more towards a traditional lyrical style with stanzas and choruses on every track. Also of note is the absence of all German vocals on the album. Fans of previous Die Krupps work will not be disappointed with this release as all the progressive areas of the music are much more subtle than before and take a well trained ear to pick out.

much of the talent that Die Krupps has developed throughout the years.

Cleopatra Records
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