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Die Krupps: Rings of Steel

  1. Blood Suckers
  2. To The Hilt
  3. Crossfire
  4. Language Of Reality
  5. Fatherland
  6. Worst Case Scenario
  7. Paradise Of Sin
  8. Iron Man
  9. Inside Out
  10. New Temptation
  11. Metal Machine Music
  12. Shellshocked
  13. Bloodsuckers (
  14. Die Krupps with Biohazard)
  15. Language Of Reality
  16. Worst Case Scenario
  17. To The Hilt
  18. New Temptation

Once again, Cleopatra compiles a bunch of remixes of a band's new album and we fail to actually what the album truly sounds like. At least in this case we have five original unmixed tracks, and they by far outshine any of the remixes by light years. The remixes tend to bring the guitar closer to the front of the mix, and drive everything else out and you end up listening to a metal band for the first half of the album. The one exception is of course the F.M. Einheit remix. Fusti never fails to amaze me with his musical talent of totally deconstructing a track and rebuilding it from it's core components. The man is brilliant. As for the rest of the music, although a little heavy on the guitar edge, the original tracks still provide a good entertainment value and hilight much of the talent that Die Krupps has developed throughout the years.

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