Album Cover

Die Form: Duality

  1. Invisible World
  2. The Hidden Cage
  3. Lonely Heart
  4. Love is Cold I
  5. Rain of Blood
  6. Anode Current
  7. Leda's Secret
  8. Transvision
  9. The Shape
  10. Duality
  11. The Missing Beauty
  12. La Jeune Fille at la Mort
  13. Love is Cold II

Although this is the first Die Form release that I have experienced, I believe I can accurately state, that "Duality" is probably the pinnacle of their career. The title alone succinctly states what is obvious, the perfectly matched musical personas of Philippe Fichot and Eliane P alongside industrialized rhythms and haunting melodies. Each member of the French duo executes their chosen task with military precision while still yielding a bit of each persona to the other's art form. In the case of Eliane, her angelic vocals wrap around Philippe's soothing atmospheres, while at other times, his rigid, metallic percussion is shrewdly caustic next to her Harpy-like throat work. Philippe even sneaks in vocals both naturally sensuous and mechanically evil. Die Form are a band who have spent the better part of a decade refining their natural Neo-Classical harmonies within the an artificial realm that is Electro with spectacular results.

Die Form is: Philippe Fichot and Eliane P.

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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