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Jean-Pierre Bedoyan: Diavolo Dance Theatre 1992-1996

  1. Tete au Carre (III) 3:27
  2. Man Made 12:14
  3. Tete au Carre (IV) 4:21
  4. Tete en l'Air (Part I) 12:25
  5. Come Home 5:26
  6. Tete au Carre (II) 5:03
  7. D2R A 8:56

Although it isn't obvious all of the music on this CD was composed for a Southern California dance troupe called the Diavolo Dance Theater. The composer is Jean-Pierre Bedoyan, who has worked avante-garde composers as diverse as John Cage and Iannis Xenakis, has also picked up a few pointers from early classical Industrial artists. Much of each piece is arranged around metallic percussion and Ambient electronics. Some pieces are very structured with a defined cadence and rhythm, while others are more abstract and unfocused. Yet it is still difficult to imagine any dancer being content to dance to the harsh, modern musical elements used on this CD. Yet the photographs in the liner notes suggest that not only do the dancers move to the music, but they actually perform some of the drumming much like Japanese Taiko. Diavolo Dance Theatre has definitely peaked my interest with this release that spans a five year musical journey and I will surely make an effort to experience it the next time I am in the Los Angeles area.

Diavolo Dance Theatre
18216 Parthenia
Northridge, CA 91325


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