Album Cover

Diatribe: Nothing

  1. Nothing 4:38
  2. The Other Side 5:25
  3. Kingpin 5:59
  4. Lu-Chow Phang 2:04

I've got to wonder why a band who released such a impressive quality EP back in 1992 still hasn't put together a followup album of some kind. From what I've heard on this EP as well as on various Re-Constriction and If It Moves... compilation Diatribe has at least as much talent as the rest of their label mates. Perhaps it is because the music is too accessible? I've heard that excuse from many of the people who have heard the new Sister Machine Gun who accuse Chris Randall of sacrificing his own personal integrity for the sake of his art. Could it be that the same thing has happened to Diatribe or maybe they have personnel or other related problems. The only people that would know the truth behind the reason they haven't released any other music besides this EP is the band themselves. Hopefully this review will filter it's way down to the band and they can read the request for them to get their ass in gear and release more music!

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