Album Cover

Deviant Clouds: Sickened

  1. Clouded
  2. Clotting Strain
  3. Interim
  4. An 's' Fixation
  5. Never Cloying

Deviant Clouds is a rather simplistic audio experimental project hailing from New Jersey. While technically an electro band, due to the slow rhythm structure of the music and bizarrely diverse collection of percussion and synth patches used, Deviant Clouds share more in common with experimental artists than the usual electro-dance troupe. Production wise, this release could use a bit more in the enginering department. The vocals mixing is downright atrocious and much of the music is in need of massive EQing in order to make all sound cohesive. Lyrically I fail to see why there is a vocalist at all. The music really isn't all that conducive to have a vocalist in the traditional manner, so all the vocalist seems to do is ad another instrument to the final mix of the music. Regardless, Deviant Clouds is a band who while still needing a lot of work, also have a very unique direction that leaves them devoid of any obvious musical influences. This definitive identity will certainly help them as they set forth into the unkind world that Industrial artists dwell upon.

Deviant Clouds are:
Gair - vocals, guitars, programming
Domenick Annuzzi - programming, sampling, bass

Deviant Clouds
2334 Richards Ave
Atco, NJ 08004-1219


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