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Deutsch Nepal: !Comprendido!... Time Stop!

  1. Benevolence - 92 3:51
  2. Thomas 29 Needles 9:09
  3. World Mirror 6:42
  4. Morgue Restraint 1:45
  5. Gouge Free Market 8:14
  6. Tender Lover 3:16
  7. Pain is the Language We Use 8:58
  8. The Phlegethon Fish 3:09
  9. Auto Gamic Drummers 6:36
  10. Poison Free Market 11:04

Deutsch Nepal return after a short silence with the first domestic release since the inception of the band. This album, while containing a large volume of new material is also a sort of collection of older unreleased tracks. The compositions on this album range from as far back as 1992 yet don't seem to be dated at all. Perhaps this is due to the dark ambient style of the music or maybe the mastering skills of the engineer. In any event, this album is yet another masterpiece. Once again, Lina Baby Doll has been able to deftly mix vocal samples, erratic percussion, and dark keyboard pieces into a varying array of distinctly different tracks. The pieces range from the ultra-low bass tone work on 'World Mirror', and 'Gouge Free Market', to more upbeat percussive pieces like 'Tender Lover' and 'The Phlegethon Fish'. Fans of any previous Deutsch Nepal material will definitely be pleased with this release as well as anyone who has experienced other Cold Meat Industry bands.

Deutsch Nepal is: Lina Baby Doll

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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