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Despirator: The Oracle

  1. Divine Comedy 4:21
  2. Rupture 5:00
  3. Afterworld... The Vanishing Sky 7:08
  4. Descend 4:24
  5. In One Breath 5:29
  6. The Stranger (Grave Thought) 3:30
  7. Deadfall 5:11
  8. Nightrise 5:01
  9. Rain 5:46
  10. Sunken Heart 5:24

Despirator utilizes a great deal of percussion, bordering on dub at times. The remainder of the music is filler atmospheres, groovy basslines and solid synthlines. The vocals are very straight forward both in execution and topic, which is what pushes this album towards a in a direction. Overall, a very beat driven Darkwave act with passionate female vocals, just accessible enough to cater to the general public.

Despirator is: Matt Collins & Renee Ilardi

Primoridial Music
P.O. Box 1942
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163


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