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Desar: Land of the Blind

  1. My Private Apostle 6:08
  2. The Bride 4:29
  3. She Closes 4:08
  4. Rage (in C Minor) 3:49
  5. Feat Beneath My Feet 2:48
  6. Deadman's Tango 2:13
  7. Piano Sonata I 4:06
  8. Her Fate 3:25
  9. Piano Sonata II 4:06
  10. Trickle 3:36
  11. Prayer for Ophelia 3:45
  12. Gathered in Flesh 1:18

For seven years in the making, Desar's debut release isn't all that spectacular. Sure it is good Electro Goth music, but it isn't anything to halt press production schedules over. The vocals are the usual male Gothic affair, with deep throat work and falsettos aplenty. Musically, most of the album is electronic ranging from lulled love songs to more upbeat ballads. Also snuck onto the album are a handful of original piano instrumentals which seem out of place alongside the lush electronic programming of the rest of the record. Yet, there is where the musical skills of Lucien Desar really begin to show. Anyone can compose music on a computer these days, but few can write original sonatas. Still, I would have preferred for the two distinct musical styles to have appeared on separate records due to the odd juxtaposition between them.

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