Denoument: Machine Against Machine

Side 1

  1. zerosum
  2. suspension of disbelief

Having actually figuring out how to pronounce this band since my last listen, I've now been assaulted by both Muppet and Shakespeare samples all within four minutes of each other. Steve's done a lot of work lately with his music. It's grown both in depth and unfortunately repetition. The lyrics have a tendency to be repeated over and over, while the music is constantly in motion. However, these are just two of the songs Steve is working on for his debut album, so if he keeps up the musical progression from his prior release I think he'll just about perfect the music. Now to be fair, nothing is wrong with the lyrical content, I just have a problem with a chorus repeated six times in a row. As for the music, it has drifted deeper into the hard core electronic style. Whither this is a positive turn of events is anybody's guess, as Denoument has been able to hold itself up without going toward the dancefloors for it's clientele. We'll see how it all turns out in a few months when the debut CD finally get completed.

Steve Burke
PO Box 806492
Chicago, IL 60680-4125


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