Denoument: Experiment Station

Side 1:

  1. third person
  2. megalomania
  3. passout
  4. backwash
  5. trip (erasure must die mix)
  6. trip (jesus built my prophalytic mix)
  7. a children's song
  8. trip (information overload mix)
  9. S&M

Side 2:

  1. S&M v.4
  2. point
  3. overload (stimulus:intense)
  4. terminal vision
  5. whiplash
  6. ethnic cleansing
  7. tinnitus
  8. the solution

Talk about a blast from the past. This tape is a retrospective of all of Denoument's work within it's short lifetime, and could be without a doubt the greatest combination of loser tracks mixed with pure brilliance in between. Not since Devo's "Greatest Misses" have I heard music so abundantly awful, and then been slapped in the face hard by the sheer growth and talent explosion that ensued over a period of three years, and forty-five minutes of tape. An excellent overview of the band's lifetime work, if you can survive such atrocious tracks as 'megalomania', you'll eventually get to some really entertaining electronic music.

Steve Burke
PO Box 806492
Chicago, IL 60680-4125


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