Denoument - INGSOC: T+10 and counting

Side 1

  1. 1994
  2. Massacre
  3. MTBF
  4. Two Minutes Hate

1994 throws rattling static bass lines, coupled with anti-racism samples, with underlying lyrics at you all at once. Sort of a thrash electronic dance melody meets older Skinny Puppy, and the message is racial equality. Massacre begins with a low thudding bass track, mixed with growling distorted lyrics, and a Nitzer Ebb style beat. The way the vocals echo off whatever distortion device that is being used adding to the music, by creating a tortured artist mindset. MTBF has the rhythmic quality of Land of Rape and Honey era Ministry, although a little slower. The vocals snarl, and the samples echo clearly through the almost guitar style percussion structure. Two Minutes Hate is a instrumental piece with airy alternating echoed distortions, metallic percussion, and something sounded like a shock treatment device.

This EP shows growth from the bands previous work. Whereas in the past many of the older tracks had a repetitive sound, and music samples stolen from just about everywhere you can imagine, the band has begun to take upon a style unique to itself, while still utilizing the influences from others.

Denoument is: Stephen Burke

Steve Burke
PO Box 806492
Chicago, IL 60680-4125


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