Denoument: Full Frontal Reality

Side A:

  1. Twat
  2. Virtual Hell
  3. Overload [stimulus:response]
  4. Terminal Vision
  5. Whiplash
  6. Offline

Side B:

  1. Cat's In the Cradle
  2. Anathema
  3. Ethnic Cleansing
  4. Morpheus Arising

Several concepts within this work are something I've not seen done by an artist before, first the blatant use of long segments of other bands music included together in a musical potpourri/collage, and second a list where ALL the samples on the album were liberated. I'm not sure I'd have the audacity (or was this for legal considerations) to publish a list of sample sources.

As for the music, it is a well constructed series of pieces ranging from sample collages (see above), EBM style dance music, to harsh, almost eclectic, electronic music. There are no comparisons, beyond one track mildly resembling a Nitzer Ebb piece. However, the music seems to have problems choosing a direction in which it wants to go. The tracks seem to vary widely throughout the album. This doesn't generally distract from the quality of the music, but it tends to confuse the listener.

Denoument is: Stephen Burke

Steve Burke
PO Box 806492
Chicago, IL 60680-4125


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