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Dementia Simplex: Prediction

  1. First Things
  2. Trauma
  3. Die Down
  4. Beast Within
  5. Eaten Alive
  6. Hell on Earth
  7. Tortured Animal
  8. Candlelight
  9. Cinderchild
  10. Xenophobia
  11. Mentally Disturbed
  12. Last Things

This album contains a very good mix of guitars and electronics. You can hear the guitar throughout the tracks, but the electronics are very up-front as well, and often the electronics are a more prominent element is many songs. This band has been compared to Steril with more emphasis on the electronics, which I think is applicable; in fact, the song 'Hell on Earth 'could easily fit on a Steril album with is driving guitar and grainy shouted vocals. But the band shows influences from other groups as well. The song 'Trauma 'has a very X Marks the Pedwalk feeling to it, a large part of this is the vocals, with some guitar added to the song. The tracks 'Xenophobia' & 'Tortured Animal' sound like a more upbeat Skinny Puppy with 'Tortured Animal' including some nice bass and some interesting accordion sounds into the song. While these influences are not always obvious, it does give me the feeling that the still need to find their own style. While the lyrical content is nothing new (anti-vivisection, racism, apathy), the lyrics seem to contain more thought and intelligence than a lot of the bands in this genre. They have a song that deals with Jeffery Dahmer in a unique way. Rather than just labeling him as a sick person, the song asks the question, what circumstances could lead a person to become so mentally deranged? And the instrumental 'Mentally Disturbed' definitely gives the impression of being inside the head of schizophrenic and watching their warped scenes of reality. (Kevin Congdon)

Dementia Simplex are:
Frank Feldt - keyboards, voice-recording
Throsten Fries - programming, keys, guitar, mix, recording, sampling
Sascha Hermann - lyrics, sampling, acoustic drums, electro-drums
Mario Nier - guitar
Thomas Reis - bass
Klaus Welsser - vocals, lyrics, keys, guitar, sampling

Off Beat
Horster Strasse 27
45897 Gelsenkirchen-Buer

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