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Deep: Mobile

  1. Awonawilone
  2. Nigredo
  3. Obukula
  4. Serapis
  5. Shekbina
  6. Io
  7. Aleja
  8. Unidos
  9. Egg
  10. Bubosito
  11. Mithras
  12. Tematauenga
  13. The Great Spider

Deep is the first new musical excursion by Jim Marcus since the disintegration of Die Warzau. Over a dozen Chicago area artists contributed to this thirteen track album. "Mobile" is a very soothing album consisting mostly of ethnic instrumentation including, but not limited to, tabla, finger tambourines, bongos, and Tibetan water bowls. Most of the album is instrumental with only a few rare tracks incorporating vocal work. "Mobile" is a collection of tracks that revitalize your soul with their freshness and unspoiled beauty. The music, while rhythmic in nature is very cathartic, sharing much in common with a wilderness retreat. Deep is a band that excels at incorporating millenia old musical techniques into a modern sociological approach.

Deep is: Jim Marcus & Friends

Thickface Records
1110 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622-4017


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