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Decoded Feedback: Technophoby

  1. Corrosion 4:38
  2. Mother Tenebrarium 4:43
  3. Human Instinct 4:03
  4. Euthanasia 3:37
  5. Fear (Analogue to Digital Remix) 3:57
  6. Night's Calling 5:33
  7. Birth of a Nation 5:10
  8. Passion of Flesh 6:00
  9. Deep Emotion 6:25
  10. Time Machine 4:16
  11. Technophoby (Extraction Remix) 5:00

Decoded Feedback is one of those bands that most people will probably never hear of, simply because they lack any sort of original style. "Technophoby" is the second full length album and the band still sounds like every other generic Electro act to hit the streets. All of the tracks are mid-tempo, with atmospheric strings, stock drums sounds and meaningless lyrics. The lead vocalist, Marco Biagotti, even utilizes the same vocal effect as a handful of other Electro acts. As a result, "Technophoby" is simply another monotonous album that rehashes decades old EBM constructs without adding anything new. I was certainly hoping for more from a band who has released two albums, engineered by Halvx2 from ATD convention, but apparently, it wasn't meant to be.

Decoded Feedback is:
Marco Biagotti - lyrics, voice, sampling, drums, sequencing
Yone Dudas - keyboards, sequencing, drums

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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