Album Cover

December: Hope For Nothing

  1. Moment
  2. Wrath of the Disappointed
  3. In Vain
  4. River of Blood
  5. Beyond the Wall
  6. Cursed Land

December is a radically different approach to traditional gothic music. Instead of totally relying on guitars and wailing vocals, Derek Rush has chosen to use his unaltered voice and heavy percussion that gives the music an almost medieval feel. The drums and bass rhythms drive the music instead of the electronic guitar thereby leaving plenty of extra space for the inclusion of an acoustic guitar instead. The music is still equally as ghastly and angst filled but without the need of the obtrusive phallic symbol that has plagued gothic rock for years. Also present on this EP are a handful of almost instrumental tracks which seem to share more in common with experimental bands than with anything I'd consider gothic. If December can continue to shatter musical stereotypes as it has on this release, I think we'll be seeing a great deal more of them in the future.

December is: Derek Rush

Waking Dream Records
P.O. Box 7003
New York, NY 10116-7003


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