Deathline International: Arashi Syndrome

  1. Into The Storm 2:30
  2. Troops of Tomorrow 4:50
  3. We Believe 4:04
  4. You Can't Stop Me 4:05
  5. Hoellen Paradies 3:09
  6. Wild Boys 3:52
  7. My Friend is Dead 3:45
  8. Pain To Me 4:36
  9. One 3:42
  10. Mission 4:55
  11. Murder 4:00

Deathline International returns with their most stripped down and electronic release to date with "Arashi Syndrome". This new album also marks the departure of Spawn from the live line-up and any further song writing with the band. To supplement his loss, Count Zero has brought in a wide variety of outside help including Nial McGaughey of 3D House of Beef, War-N Harrison of Fishtank No. 9 and Mike Welch of Slave Unit. As a result this album is more of a group effort rather than on previous works. This has broadened the compositional diversity of both the electronics and percussion due to the synergy of the contributing artists. Regardless of these changes, Deathline International has once again covered a popular eighties dance anthem as they seem to do on every release. This time it is none other than the Duran Duran classic, 'Wild Boyz'. Ultimately when you add all of these elements together you end up with a very well produced and assembled album that is sure to please fans of all previous work.

Deathline International are: Count Zero & Spawn

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Oakland, CA 94608

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