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Not Breathing versus Dead Voices on Air: A Fire in the Bronx Zoo

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What happens when you take one artist who utilizes a combination of analogue acoustic and digital electronic instruments to create a varying array of techno and noise compositions and allow him to rework the musical vision of another artist who solely uses more classical sound theory and tries to work within a finite boundary of rules and concepts? When those artists in question are David Wright of Not Breathing and Marc Spybey of Dead Voices on air, you end up with "A Fire in the Bronx Zoo". What makes this release so fascinating is that while to the lay person each artist's music is very similar, the actual compositional techniques are actually very radically different. Therefore when David adds odd analogue synthesizer whorls to Marc's music or Marc subtlely accentuates David's electronic jumbles with a single sound from a toy noisemaker, you begin to sense the difference in each artist's vision. Then you truly begin to understand each little detail and element of a certain piece of music in a totally new and yet thoroughly enlightening manner.

Dead Voices on Air is: Mark Spybey
Not Breathing is: Dave Wright

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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