Album Cover

Darkling Thrush: Myriad

  1. Lost
  2. Realization
  3. Grasping at Straws
  4. Silent Scream
  5. Don't Ever Leave
  6. Built To Last

Someone really needs to let Darkling Thrush know that Dark Metal does not equal Goth. No Gothic bands I've ever known utilize guitar solos in their music which should give you a rough idea where Darkling Thrush lies musically. This short six song EP also comes with a rich multimedia section which is perhaps the only saving grace of the release. A quick peek through the software reveals that the band classifies itself as Post-Gothic but how does that explain performing at Convergence III in San Francisco, one of the premire Gothic events of 1997. Alas, Darkling Thrush is destined for the eventual demise that most bad Metal bands experienced in the late 80's if they don't change either their market audience or their musical style, a decision I'm not sure they really want to make.

Darkling Thrush is:
Orren Merton - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Broan Catalano - guitars, keyboards
John Brown - bass guitars
John Kahling - drums, electronic percussion

Darkling Thrush

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