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Various Artists: The Darkest Hour

  1. Rosetta Stone - Helter Skelter
  2. Type O Negative - Paranoid
  3. Electric Hellfire Club - Calling Dr Luv
  4. Damned - I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
  5. Psychic TV - Good Vibrations
  6. Christian Death - Panic in Detroit
  7. Information Society - Are Friends Electric?
  8. Leaetherstrip - Learning To Fly
  9. Corpus Delicti - Suffragette City
  10. Mephisto Waltz - White Rabbit
  11. Alien Sex Fiend - Silver Machine
  12. Executive Slacks - Rock'n'Roll (Ultimate Glitter Version)
  13. Fahrenheit 451 - Fire
  14. Die Krupps - Isolation

Riding on the wave of popularity that has become the Industrial/Gothic cover scene, Cleopatra Records has released yet another compilation of cover songs. This time around they have arguably chosen the best cover songs which have appeared elsewhere on a variety of tribute and individual albums on their roster. As a result, if you've ever purchased a collection of covers on Cleopatra Records, you probably have the majority of the tracks present here and you are better off saving your money. However if you are new to the entire cover fad, then "The Darkest Hour" is a rather diverse collection of tracks that might interest you. While the music present is primarily of the standard Industrial/Gothic vein, a handful of the tracks are either more guitar centered like Type O Negative's rendition of 'Paranoid' or more dancey like Information Society's 'Are Friends Electric?' Ultimately you get quite a nice little cross section of modern interpretations of old school classics.

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd
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