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Dark Illumination: Realize The Error

  1. Realize The Error 5:19
  2. No Fiction 4:58
  3. Electronic To Mechanic Work 4:35
  4. Sensual High 4:44
  5. Words Are Spoken (Electrify Remix) 6:30
  6. Clone H 4:18
  7. Hell Flight 5:06
  8. Xenophobia 4:27
  9. Mental Breakdown 4:20
  10. Call My Name 4:47
  11. Out To Reality 10:40

Sitting down to write this review, I struggled a long time to discover which band Dark Illumination reminded me of. Suddenly it struck me, "Realize The Error" is what Haujobb would have sounded like if they had drastically changed their musical style. All of the elements are present, from the mid-range, German accented vocals, the minimalistic, yet still amazingly dense programming, and the starkly precise percussion. Here is a band, who, without trying, stumbled onto a sound that, although similar in nature to Haujobb, is in fact a logical extension of their post "Freeze Frame Reality" sound. Oddly enough, not a single other individual has noted this similarity, which shows how skilled Dark Illumination really are. As a result, "Realize the Error", is definitely the sleeper album of 1997, even overlooking the racist sentiments on 'Xenophobia'. I can't wait to hear what Dark Illumination has in store for us next.

Dark Illumination is:
Daniel Gamradt - programming, sampling, lyrics, voice
Thomas Kruger - machines, sampling, live keys

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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