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..dark gift - ZERO HOUR (unmusic)

  1. prey 4:49
  2. red roses passion 4:44
  3. everybody knows 4:25
  4. dysfunctional 4:48
  5. cry to progress 6:18
  6. nothing 0:11
  7. drowned 5:04
  8. lobotomy 3:36
  9. decadent march 5:46
  10. dead garden 4:21

A very unique juxtaposition lying somewhere between the last half of Skinny Puppy's Last Rights album and sonic hell. Huge chunks of noise layered one on top of the other while crooning lyrics invade from all directions. With the exception of the aforementioned comparisons, I've never heard anything that really even compares to the sound this bands puts out. It's definitely NOT a Skinny Puppy clone, but the pure genius behind programming of this forty-five minutes of utter chaos surely draws some of its influence from the band. The music, as the title suggests, is unmusic. Excessive use of dissonance coupled with sounds that really shouldn't be legal hilight an aural nightmare you might expect to be playing somewhere on the lower planes of Tarterus, the Abyss or maybe at the wedding of Cthulu.

..dark gift
P.O. Box 5870
Newark, DE 19714-5870

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