Album Cover

..dark gift - rust

  1. drowned
  2. brain fever
  3. lobotomy
  4. decadent march
  5. your will
  6. savage reznalick
  7. romance

The prelude demo tape for the ear shattering May 1994 _ZERO HOUR (unmusic)_ CD release. Three song appear in their original versions prior to the final remixing for the new album. Having now experienced their total sheer power and obscure musical direction of this bands first release, combined with the precursor knowledge of the new work, one can't but help to respect the amount of work put forth by this highly original group. The music emotes a feeling not quite unlike a bad drug trip combined with a bit of daemonic possession throw in for good measure. Very enjoyable, especially the appropriation of Suzanne Vega's percussion line from "Blood Makes Noise" on _savage reznalick_. Don't miss out on this noise-dance-experimental- industrial band.

dark gift is: Kevin Johnson

..dark gift
3 penndrew court
wilmington, de 19808

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