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Dark Engines: Angels Like Flies

Side 1:

  1. angels like flies (hollow mind mix) 3:06
  2. smoke filled dick 2:37

Side 1:

  1. angels like flies (art asylum mix) 5:37

Dark Engines moves the way of Doubting Thomas is this next release. Cey/Goettel style programming intermixed with cohesive sampling, and increasingly more complex rhythms create a intriguing atmosphere. The vocals on track two seem to mesh tightly with the music, allowing both to exhibit the strengths. A much stronger release by an upcoming band. Highly recommended to light, moody style electronic industrial, and those who enjoy the Doubting Thomas style.

Dark Engines is Jimm Gall

Dark Engines
P.O. Box 8781
Trenton, NJ 08650

E-mail: None

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