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Danielle Dax: Timber Tongue EP

  1. Toygit
  2. E.V.I.L. T.
  3. Timber Tongue
  4. Uru Eu Wau Wau

On this release, Ms. Dax goes back to the more experimental leanings from her days with the Lemon Kittens and her earlier solo work, while still flavoring her songs with that Middle Eastern atmosphere she so eloquently provides. Her long-time collaborator David Knight is still present as well. E.V.I.L. T. is the only track with vocals, manipulated to the point where they come across in a deep, droning masculine style. The track Toygit, as you might imply from the title, is an experimental piece made up with of a variety of toy noises meshed together in an intriguing and complex way, instead of sounding like unrelated pieces of noise jammed together and unlistenable. Timber Tongue is the track that most compares to her more recent work, with a driving ethnic beat and a strong danceability aspect, with hints of an experimental style flavoring the song. Altogether this is a fine return to form by the multi-talented Dax. (Kevin Congdon)

Danielle Dax - voice, toys, noise, chanter, clown, machines
David Knight - machines, keyboards
Pepper - machines, programming

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Brookmill Road, London SE8 4HL
0181 694 2000


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