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dA Sebastian: One Minute Endless

  1. One Minute Endless
  2. Silent Explosion
  3. Sick And Tired
  4. Bandwidth
  5. Mania
  6. Empathy
  7. The Transient Ballet
  8. Dragonshit
  9. Agoraphobia
  10. Love

This album is the solo work of Devon Sebastian the lead vocalist from Kill Switch... Klick. The Cd itself arrives in a nifty package consisting of two pieces of orange barrier fence twist tied together and the CD itself is individually signed, hand numbered and inserted into a liner sleeve. The music is quite unlike anything that Devon has written for KsK and borders more on classical piano in some places rather than the traditional grinding electronic industrial that you might expect. Overall the music is much mellower, more emotional and deeply personal compared to other material Devon has been responsible for writing. Devon utilizes a inordinately large amount of keyboard work on this album. The keyboards ranges from classical piano to other classical keyboard instruments as well as various wacky samples. The entire CD comes off as being very raw and uncut as if most of the tracks were recorded after only a few takes and the spark of moment has been dubbed on the final master of the track. I feel that while this release has a few very strong tracks that Devon might benefit from the outside opinion of a producer or other music critic prior to the final mastering of his music as it might help to breathe a little life into the weaker tracks and raise the overall quality of the total package.

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