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Various Artists: Cyberpuncture

  1. [Danos] - Overthrown
  2. Infused - Digitized
  3. Wrack Process - Undone (instrumental)
  4. Noxious Emotion - Strike Ratio
  5. Separate Faith - Bleed You Dry
  6. Wage Class Slave - To Perpetuate
  7. Machine That Flashes - Distortion
  8. Diverje - Outcast
  9. Fear Cult - Medusa
  10. Filmstrip - Thirteen Songs
  11. Wreteous Pybayk Jammbory - Soul Holes
  12. Nookleptia - Rub a Pug Thug
  13. Invirus Tandem - Untitled
  14. White Trash Compactor - Couch & The Serpent

Apart from the overused 'cyber' terminology in the title of this Denver based underground compilation the project is anything but stereotypical. "Cyberpuncture" is a collection of mostly unknown electro-industrial projects from across the United States. In fact the only name I even recognize as having appeared elsewhere is Noxious Emotion and that is only because their self released debut album happened to get sent to me several years ago. As with any independently released project one has to understand that while the music isn't always as professional as a major label that isn't the primary point of the compilation anyways. The concept here is to get all of the bands present some name recognition and resume' fodder. That way when they are searching for that elusive record deal they at least have some previous experience to work with. However while this compilation serves that purpose very well it is lacking in any solid material that make it stand out from the crowd. Of the fourteen tracks on the compilation not one of them seemed to jump out from the crowd with any sort of solid originality and catchiness. Unfortunately this is a known risk that one takes when they release a compilation and one which I feel that "Cyberpuncture" gambled and lost with on this release.

United Endangered Front
P.O. Box 554
Englewood, CO 80151


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