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The Cyberflesh Conspiracy

  1. Chemlab - Black Radio (in the neon blur)
  2. Mentallo & The Fixer - Brutal Rapture
  3. Diatribe - Needle Park
  4. Babyland - Mindfuck
  5. Vampire Rodents - Burial at Sea
  6. Stabbing Westward - Violent Mood Swing
  7. Watchmen - Merciful Release
  8. The Bleeding Stone - Squirm
  9. Sleep Chamber - El Topo (remix)
  10. Creeping Eruption - Harbringer of Death
  11. We of Sound Mind - Man Mind Machine
  12. 16 Volt - Motorskills
  13. Pain Emission - Bimbo
  14. Red Red Groove - No Tears
  15. Teknition - Man is the Animal
  16. U.T.O. - Brain Dead

Early versions Stabbing Westward's 'Violent Mood Swing' and Watchmen's (now Society Burning) 'Merciful Release' as well as a Mentallo & The Fixer track that appears nowhere else. The compilation is one of Chase's earlier works as is evident by the age of some of these tracks. At least eight bands on this CD went to get signed by various labels which gives us some insight as to how well Chase knows how to choose bands for compilations. Also of note should be the anti-ivory campaign strongly stressed by this compilation. The cover of the CD displays an elephant brutally murdered for his tusks. It can't be stressed enough that the rape of innocent animals for the greed of man has got to stop. Don't support countries or companies that try to make money off the pillaging of animals for their pelts or tusks.

Re-Constriction Records
4901-906 Morena Blvd
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