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Various Artists: Culture Shock Vol. 5

  1. Newt - Testone
  2. Front Line Assembly - Colombia Necktie (Tongue Fed Edit)
  3. Biopsy - CX State
  4. C-Tec - Foetal
  5. Re/Act - Virtual Symmetry
  6. Aghast View - Neurotic
  7. Pain Konsept - Charge Intercept (Intercepted by VAC Mix)
  8. Inertia - Believer
  9. Gridlock - Nine
  10. Suicide Commando - Putrefaction Process
  11. Salt - Feed Me
  12. Synapscape - My Distance
  13. IT - Hydrogen (Ncoded by Red Sector A)
  14. S.P.O.C.K. - Force of Life
  15. Velvet Acid Christ - Amphetamine OD (f.o,s.f.n.p.f.o.t.d.m.)

Almost 6 months have passed since the previous amazing Culture Shock companion compilation. This time around the quality is still stellar, but the much of the music isn't as exclusive as its predecessor. In fact, only six of the fifteen tracks, by Aghast View, Inertia, Gridlock, Suicide Commando, and Synapscape are previously unreleased. Even two of the four remixes on this compilation appearelsewhere. Nevertheless, the collection of artists once again are phenomenal compared to usual compilations put out by domestic labels. As before, each of the artists that appear on the CD, have accompanying articles in the companion issue of Culture Shock magazine, which must be purchased to acquire this release. As usual, Culture Shock scoops other North American publications with the future of Electro.

Culture Shock
218 Prospect Ave
Suite 2A
Hackensack, NJ 07601


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