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Various Artists: Covered In Black

  1. The Electric Hellfire Club - Highway To Hell
  2. Genitorturers - Squealer
  3. Die Krupps - It's a Long Way to the Top
  4. Spahn Ranch - Shot Down in Flames
  5. Godflesh - For Those About to Rock
  6. Joined at the Head - Whole Lotta Rosie
  7. Pigface vs Sheep on Drugs - Back In Black
  8. Birmingham 6 - Thunder Struck
  9. Razed In Black - Hells Bells
  10. Psychopomps - Badlands
  11. Klute - The Furor
  12. Terminal Sect with En Esch of KMFDM - Who Made Who
  13. Sister Machine Gun - TNT
  14. 16 Volt - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Covered in Black is probably one of the most depressing Cleopatra Tribute compilations to date. Of the fourteen tracks present on the album only a handful of the covers show any signs of straying from the original song structure. In fact at least half of the tracks are direct covers without the tiniest shread of deviance. Even bands who normally do not utilize a guitar in their own recordings have added them to their repertoire for the sake of this tribute. I do understand that AC/DC were considered one of the fathers of the modern rock age, but did we really have to simply regurgitate the past twenty years of their back catalogue. The only band that does not meet this blasphemous criteria is Birmingham 6. Their cover of "Thunder Struck" has the best interpretation of any cover song that I've had the pleasure of listening to in some time. They go as far as to rewrite the entire song for the sequence and keyboards including the opening guitar solo which has been entirely replaced with electronics. As for the rest of the band, they should probably keep to writing their own music rather than writing another clone cover tune.

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