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Various Artists: Construction No. 009

  1. Struktur - Carnal Pulse (informatik edit)
  2. Signal To Noise - The Verge
  3. Cult of Jester - Master V1
  4. Audio Paradox - Grace 1
  5. Skeleton Key - Speakeasy.vox
  6. Assemblage 23 - Graverobber
  7. Thine Eyes - Nohbdy's Taunt
  8. Rod Logic - Information
  9. Black Dahlia - Encryption
  10. Klothos - Isolation
  11. 162 - Games
  12. Skeleton Key - Blisters.instrumental
  13. Manhole Vortex - Theocracy
  14. Terminal - Sunrise
  15. 31337 Dub Destroyer - Thirst Quencher

Arts Industria returns to audio media with the release of it's second CD compilation. Several of your favorites from the previous compilation 'Art of Brutality' return for a second appearance as well as several new artists all of which were culled from the Internet which the exception of one. The music is diverse and eclectic but it all stays true towards the electro-industrial format. The compilation starts with a remix of Struktur's "Carnal Pulse" a song which is over four years old that originally appeared on Duct Tape Terrorism's 'Oxygen Denial' tape. Ken graces us with another Signal to Noise track and Big Daddy Ed Finkler pays me a little homage with Cult of Jester. Other tracks of notes include my personal favorite "Graverobber" by Assemblage 23, a Sphere Lazza side project dubbed Klothos who donate a track titled "Isolation", Terminal's ambient "Sunrise", and a older cut by Thine Eyes designated "Nohbdy's Taunt". The tracks are sequenced to begin with the stronger dance pieces and slowly wind the listener down to the more lulling ambient pieces. If you enjoyed the previous compilation by Arts Industria then pick up a copy of this one because if anything I perceive it to be the stronger of the two.

Arts Industria
23784 SR 2
South Bend, IN 46619


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