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Conrad Schnitzler: Rot

  1. Meditation 20:00
  2. Krautrock 20:10

Conrad Schnitzler has been hiding these two twenty minute leviathans of sound since his departure of from Kluster. Originally released as part of private pressing of 500 copies in 1973 and as part of a 100 copy, three LP box set againlater that year. It quickly faded into total obscurity. Oddly enough these fifteen year old recordings, these two long tracks could have been recorded yesterday, well maybe not, since recording techniques in Germany in the 1970's were a bit rough on the edges. However technologically dated the music might seem, these pieces serve as a brilliant insight into the man who later became involved with the infamous Tangerine Dream. To hear "Rot" is to experience the realization of how much modern electronic music owes pioneers like Conrad Schnitzler.

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