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Various Artists: Complications

  1. Alien Faktor - Kill Me (Dental Blow Mix)
  2. Oneiroid Psychosis - Prurience (LSD25 Mix)
  3. Morpheus Sister - Slow (Lower)
  4. Oneiroid Psychosis - Fleshmachine (The Farmers Best Mix)
  5. Alien Faktor - Blackice
  6. Morpheus Sister - Wreck
  7. Alien Faktor - Guilt (All Conscience Absolved)
  8. Oneiroid Psychosis - These Shattered Falling (Shattered Drown Mix)
  9. Morpheus Sister - In The Flesh (Triad Mix)
  10. Alien Faktor - Clip The Wings
  11. Oneiroid Psychosis - Mind's I (Meow Mix)
  12. Morpheus Sister - Slow (Calcutta Mix)

What do you get when you take three diametrically opposed industrial music styles, twelve remixers from all walks of electronic music, and let them deconstruct the entire Decibel Records back catalogue? You end up with the Complications compilation. The opening track alone should be enough convert even the most devout electronic purists. STR and DJ Killroy of the Swamp Terrorists totally obliterate an Alien Faktor track and supplement thundering guitar loops and pounding drum beats to create what might as well be a new track. The same goes for the majority of the compilation as well. Decibel Records has gone totally out of it's way to showcase it's artists in a totally different perspective than they were originally intended to be and I have to give them a great deal of praise for the effort. This compilation is a definite must for fan of anything on the Decibel Records catalogue as well as anyone who for whatever reason were disappointed with the original versions of the tracks present on this album. Each artists is shown in an entirely new light that speaks highly of the remixed talent selected on this compilation.

Decibel Records
615 N. Milwaukee St
Milwaukee WI, 53202


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