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Various Artists: Colloquium {1

  1. Carlos Peron - Soccer In Space
  2. Sulphur Sky - Bad Weekend
  3. Martin Rev - Bad Sierra
  4. Martin Rev - Wings of the Wind
  5. biPROG - Frequency Map
  6. The Voodooists - Maitre Minuit
  7. Black Rain - Night City Ninsei Ambient
  8. Severed Heads - A High Standard of Dving
  9. Severed Heads - Magic Ambulane Ride

A colloquium is commonly understood to be a seminar in which several lecturers take turns in leading the discussion. In the case of the this compilation, the lecturers are various musicians who are attempting to lead their prospective audience down their own particular avenue of music. One common thread that holds all of these tracks together are their progressive instrumental style. Each artist has chosen to build upon this style of appropriated sound, vocal samples and chord progression to lure listener into a venus fly trap of sorts. None of the music is something you would ever hear pounding from the speakers of a club but rather meandering from the depths your own inner cinema of the mind. Vocals are kept to an absolute minimum, almost totally absent from every single track. This is music that has only previously existed in your deranged dreams and has now suddenly decided to erupt into reality and engulf you. Accept it willingly, or be faced with the dire consequences.

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