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Various Artists: Coldwave Breaks II

  1. Wormwood Project - Nobody (Wormstomping Mix)
  2. MPI - Therapy
  3. Acumen Nation - fuckyerbrainsout
  4. Discipline of Anarchy - Incessant
  5. Rammstein - Du Riescht So Gut
  6. Chainsaws and Children - Flame On
  7. Heat Dept. - Anger Impulse
  8. Waiting For God - Trust in Me (remix)
  9. Luxt - Burn
  10. Purge - Dead Seasons
  11. Alien Faktor - Ants, Sheep, Drunks & Whores
  12. 16 Volt - 2 Wires
  13. Slave Unit - Stuck (Battery Remix)
  14. Beauty - Rewind

21st Circuitry Records is sure giving Re-Constriction Records a run for it's money in the guitar/electronics hybrid that is Coldwave with this compilation. With bands on it's own label like Luxt and the UNIT:187 side project Wormwood Project as well as bands from a half dozen other labels, "Coldwave Breaks II" is one of the more concise Sythcore collections of the year. Standout tracks include the German upstarts Rammstein, fresh from their tour opening experience with KMFDM, Acumen Nation rampaging across the nation with a new name and record label, Luxt roaring out of the staring blocks with their performance at this years Industro-Rave and the sole artists without a label; Beauty. In fact there wouldn't be a single thing wrong with this release if the atrocious bonus track would have been left off the release. However, at the end of the CD, lies what is best described as necrophiliac redneck thrashcore, which just about sums it's the sheer inanity of the track by an unknown band.

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117


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