Album Cover

Various Artists: The Children of Mind/Body


  1. Steel
  2. Chain Lady
  3. Kingdom of the Flies


  4. Space Interlude I
  5. Mogrify
  6. In the Lurch
  7. Cold November
  8. Space Interlude II

    Circular Firing Squad

  9. I'm a Jackhammer Man In a Jackhammer Town
  10. Infomercial #1
  11. Between Dawn and Sunrise


  12. Memory Cell
  13. Mental Erosion
  14. Everything
  15. Sins of the Fathers

This CD is the progeny resulting from four artists who appeared previously on the various RMI compilations. They decided to get together and split the cost of putting out an album amongst themselves as well as being distributed by Atomic Novelties and have the artwork put together by Arts Industria. Each of band ended up with approximately twenty minutes of music apiece consisting of mostly new music with the occasional addition of an older track which appeared previously on a RMI compilation. The entirety of the compilation is composed of purely electronic compositions with the guitar being conspicuously left out. The music is left to it's pure electro roots and evens goes as far as to sway entirely away from the dance style electronics focusing instead on ambience, lyrics, and aural experimentation. Definitely a very solid release from four young unsigned but promising artists.

Atomic Novelties
c/o Steven Boswell
P.O. Box 22121
San Diego, CA 92192-2121


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