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COP International: Chaos Compilation

  1. Leaetherstrip Serenade For The Dead 3:53
  2. Pinch Point Strong Hold 4:38
  3. Apparatus Wrench 4:50
  4. Arcane Asylum Send Me A Sign 5:00
  5. Deathline Int'l Tainted Love 4:00
  6. Under The Noise Future Automatic 5:50
  7. Piece Machine My Time 3:25
  8. Swamp Terrorists GetO (LP Remix) 4:25
  9. Pain Emission On A Threat 5:09
  10. Hanzel & Gretyl Shine 2001 4:05
  11. Tongue Canine 6:14
  12. Hate Dept. Thinker 3:33
  13. Index Static Sky 4:59
  14. ...Of Skin & Saliva Velociraptor 4:15
  15. BiGod 20 Retortion 003 4:44
  16. Battery Nevermore (Zen Mix) 3:30

A very strong coldwave industrial compilation albeit heavy on previously signed bands. All your old favorites from Zoth Ommog, Machinery and COP International are here as well as a few newly signed bands and several unsigned acts. The Leaetherstrip track is slightly out of place amongst all the industrial grindcore guitar tracks but it's placement as the first track makes up for it being the only track that does not seem to quite fit. Personal highlights include Pinch Point, Apparatus and the Swamp Terrorists remix. A reasonably conclusive collection of recent caustic coldwave industrial chaos.

COP International
981 Aileen St.
Oakland, CA 94608


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