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Chambermade: Re-Constriction's 1995-96 Sampler

Side 1:

  1. Society Burning - Awaken (Hate Mix)
  2. Clay People - Pariah
  3. Apparatus - Wrench
  4. Killing Floor - Never Go Right
  5. Collide - Violets Dance

Side 2:

  1. 16 Volt - Perfectly Fake
  2. Tinfed - Thin Wall Turmoil
  3. Non-Aggression Pact - Blown Livid
  4. Vampire Rodents - Mother Tongue
  5. SMP - Pure Uncut Anger

I rub my grubby hands together as I drop this sampler cassette into my walkman wondering what gems Chase has come with for his new label roster. First up is Society Burning, and it appears that they've finally been found by a record label and snatched up hungrily. While the track doesn't appear to resemble anything I've heard from them on their two self-released albums, it does offer us a teaser about what is to come. I listen for a bit through the next three tracks as I've already reviewed them on their respective albums and Collide into the last track on side one. My, O My, O My, I could just kiss Chase smack on the lips and propose marriage to him. Collide offers one of the best female vocals mixed with grinding electro rhythms that I've heard on a now ex-independent band. One of these days I'm going to start a label and beat Chase at his game.

The auto reverse switches abruptly onto side two and I begin to have bad flashbacks to Big Audio Dynamite II while Eric Powell of 16Volt belts out the next catchy tune. Must be something in the water or a bad MTV nightmare. Speeding past Tinfed I drop into the only bad that drives me totally bonkers on this sampler. For whatever reason Non-Aggression Pact is one of the most annoying band a that I've ever had the displeasure of listening too, and I can't explain why. Maybe the microwaves from Big Brother have finally reached the cranial receptors. A little fun with the backyard rodents as Eric Powell has a goe with the vocals and finally a little hip-hop frenzy with the boys from SMP. Remind me to get my next aurally induced hit damn fast before the buzz fades away.

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