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Various Artists: Cavern of Sirens

  1. Ascension for Protection 11:27
  2. Hidden Earth and The Shadows Dance 15:17
  3. Middle World Passage 24:18
  4. The Current Below 9:19
  5. The Graceful Sky 12:27

On "Cavern of Sirens", Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana have continued along the path they tread on "Well of Souls". However, this time instead of 150 minutes of rumbling ambience and dark textures, they have incorporated more of a natural element to the music. Bird song, ambient nature noises, human vocals, and ethnic percussion have all been added as both men follow the natural evolution of their previous project. Of course there are a few sections throughout the album that to exhibit some of the previous material but they only serve exhibit the harmony of both elements when used together. Overall the album contains an intrinsic harmonious feel to it and places the listener in a perfect meditative mood, devoid of all external stimuli facing us in our mundane world. Definitely a release that makes it easy to lose oneself in the music to escape the pressures of society if only for an hour.

Projekt Records
P.O. Box 166155
Chicago, IL 60616


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